Have you ever find yourself getting drawn to certain personalities and speeches that completely blew you away, and you can't help but wonder where did that magic come from and what it really takes to be a great communicator in front of a camera or a live audience?

Few will disagree that through the course of history, great speeches have influenced and inspired victories from ancient battlefields to present-day product launches and boardroom presentations. While it's understandable that public speaking is one of best ways to draw celebrity status as an expert and effectively reach out to more clients, what most people don't know is… you go through a dynamic state of transformation when you surrender yourself to the spotlight in front of groups.
Make no mistake. Your ability to influence your audience and persuasively communicate your ideas is the single most important skill to master that will help you achieve your goals.

The good news is – great speakers are not born but made!

Now that we've got your attention, you should realize, by now that the likelihood of you closing your next business deal, getting a first good impression or a standing applause, largely depends on how you deliver an unforgettable presentation. Whether you're speaking to one person or speaking to thousands, mastering this skill can repay a lifetime of rewards, be it spiritually or financially.


With extensive experience designing powerful speeches on a global level, Eric Ho prides himself on delivering stimulating and active training that will help you realize your full potential in the world of business and everyday challenges by making a genuine difference in improving your effective communication skills, whether it's for the purpose of pitching, teaching, interviews or to hold your very own events.


How to Conquer & Overcome your Fear of Public Speaking and Command your Presence Whether you are speaking to a group of 10 or 1000

Public speaking is an invaluable set of life skills that is overlooked by most people. And do you know that nearly 9 out of 10 adults ranked public speaking as their worst fear besides the fear of death? Which also says that most people avoid public speaking at any cost, and the fact that they won't do it makes it a highly prized asset for you. In addition, since the fear of public speaking ranks high amongst our worst fears, learning to master this phobia means you'll also learn how to tackle other challenges in business and in life more effectively.

Develop the Art of Effective People Mastery Skills to Gain Respect and Build Instant Rapport with your Audience Even if you're Meeting for the First time

The art of being believable or trustworthy depends on your ability to engage your audience in the first few minutes of your presentation. If they were not buying into what you say or who you say you are from the beginning, your entire speech would be worthless. After all, when we are giving a speech, the common goal is to convince our audience to take some action after hearing us speak. You'll discover what are the key elements of credibility and learn simple rules to present with authenticity.

How to Fire-up your Speech with Powerful Gestures, Tonality and Body Language Patterns that Increase your Rate of Success

Many factors contribute to how effective you speak. Whether you are closing a prospective client, motivating a team, proposing a marriage or a parent teaching a child, what you say and how you say it plays an equal role in determining the outcome. This is the energy that you bring to your presentation. Above all, it is how well you engage with your audience on an emotional level. Here, Eric shows you how to spot and intensify key messages in your speech and deliver your presentation on high expectations.

How to Deliver Highly Engaging and Memorable Presentations that leaves your Audience with the Exact Information they came for

Have you ever had the experience where people can't keep attention and remember what you said earlier in your presentation? Would you like to be more productive in your communication skills, whose words carry real weight and impact? Research shows that people who do not buy on the spot typically tend to forget what you said before. You'll learn how to develop powerful phrases and master effective communication patterns that keeps your audience engaged, during and after your presentation.


"College dropout to financial freedom in two years"

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator and author. Since dropping out of college at 19 Eric had built and grew various successful businesses from an international tyre and steel export business to a fast-growing QSR franchise.

Eric teaches the importance of balancing time and money freedom to lead a life of health, wealth and happiness. He is committed to helping people discover their own potential in order to live the life of their dreams.

"Finding his purpose: helping those in need"

Eric has also founded H-Giving, a non-profit organization providing a loving home and education to over 340 African children. This hands-on philanthropic approach shows that Eric is dedicated to contributing beyond himself and values helping those less fortunate.

Within 2 years Eric took his QSR franchise goal.

Eric Ho started H-Giving, a non-profit organisation providing for children in need.