If you're like most entrepreneurs, you went into business to pursue more freedom and money so that you're able to create the lifestyle you've always dreamed of. But why do a few companies make it…and most actually don't?

If it wasn't about the product you're selling or the message you are communicating to your audience, what exactly is the missing piece that makes all the difference between a struggling business and those at the top?

Imagine having FULL access to proven strategies to build your dream business even if you are just starting out. How much more wealth and freedom would you have achieved in a far shorter time? It is no wonder why Eric has achieved so much at a young age having fully understood and applied these successful patterns of some of the world's prominent entrepreneurs and companies.


The principles he teaches in this entrepreneur's masterclass produces world-class winning cultures, teams and business systems that results in a more profitable company despite how the economy performs.

At this mastermind transformational event, you'll learn to use advanced tools, techniques and concepts to guide your company and team to shape and achieve considerable milestones that will move your business forward.

Aspiring entrepreneurs and key management teams should also join this masterclass to uncover the blind spots in any business that instantly leads to higher margin and profits.


Get ready to take lots of notes and immerse yourself in this reality-based business training. Eric will share with you his personal formula for turning his passion and dreams into a multi-million dollar organization. You will also discover Eric's golden rules for accelerating business performance based on his successful track record for helping companies out of crisis.


How to Formulate Killer Growth Strategies to Sharpen Your Competitive Edge that will Outwit and Outlast Your Competitors

Try turning a small business into a big one and most would say it is never easy. In conventional cases, most businesses start small and remain there. But in this common age and time, if a business isn't growing, it is dying due to the rapid changes in the market place as well as fierce competition. The problem with most businesses is that they often take too long to conceptualize and develop a growth strategy and by the time they are ready to implement these ideas, they become outdated with current trends. Eric here teaches you the MOST EFFECTIVE steps of getting from point A to B that brings you the most results with the least amount of time, resources

Finding Value within Your Company as well as Your Market Place to create Massive Streams of Revenue that drives overall Financial Performance

You heard the saying that cash is king and it is easy to 'go with the flow' when times are good. However, in bad times, operating a business in financially stressed situations requires a completely different set of approach. To simply explain, you, as the business owner cannot expect results to improve while doing the same thing over and over again. This is where strategic thinking comes into play. It does not necessarily need to be a long-term process involving complicated tools but rather to develop a sharp sense of awareness in asking where and how to create new streams of opportunities based on the current strengths of the business and it's surroundings.

How to Build a Winning Team that inspires Innovation and Ownership whether you're a Team of 5 or 50 in any Business

Every business owner who worked really hard deserves a break. Or do they? One of the most common mistakes business owners struggle with is that they often get 'trapped' in their business with no breathing space. The art of delegating with an owner-employee environment is fruitless and has little effect for the longer-term success of the business. Here, Eric shows you how to set up the framework for mastering small-to-medium size businesses that fires-up your team by aligning organizational goals and beliefs that fosters a winning mentality within the company that works with or without you. You'll also discover how to become a people magnet to attract the right talents who share your passion and purpose.

How to Think and Act like Real Business Owners that will Pay You Back for the Rest of Your Life

Having coached and worked with thousands of business owners around the world, Eric firmly believes that this is the universal reason why most businesses succeed or fail. It is the owner's mentality and habits that plays the biggest impact, he says. In this masterclass, Eric helps business owners change their metaphor for what it means to be an owner and leader of people, instead of a doer. You will discover the behavioral patterns of great leaders and think like a business architect who focuses on the company's purpose, strategy, systems, goals and people. That is to say, you will learn essential skills to operate 'ON' the business and not 'IN' the business.



"College dropout to financial freedom in two years"

Eric Ho is a renowned international speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, educator and author. Since dropping out of college at 19 Eric had built and grew various successful businesses from an international tyre and steel export business to a fast-growing QSR franchise.

Eric teaches the importance of balancing time and money freedom to lead a life of health, wealth and happiness. He is committed to helping people discover their own potential in order to live the life of their dreams.

"Finding his purpose: helping those in need"

Eric has also founded H-Giving, a non-profit organization providing a loving home and education to over 340 African children. This hands-on philanthropic approach shows that Eric is dedicated to contributing beyond himself and values helping those less fortunate.

Within 2 years Eric took his QSR franchise goal.

Eric Ho started H-Giving, a non-profit organisation providing for children in need.